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Warm colleagues and fight the epidemic together!

Follow:    Data:2020-12-10

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading, the whole world empathizes with the same challenges and difficulties, and the international community has expressed condolences, solidarity and support in the fight against the epidemic in various ways. Jinjian’s Japanese partner DDI Japan Limited and NDCアジア株式会社and their team are doing a good job in prevention and control work, at the same time speeding up the construction of the website and registering the Jinjian's Antigen and Antibody rapid test kits products in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, embodies the deep friendship of "knowing each other without distance, thousands of miles are neighbors".

Since beginning with formulating a website design plan overnight to uploading products, and delivering samples to customers in a timely manner, the whole process took only take a few days, creating an astonishing speed and ensuring customers' follow-up demand for medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control. Since the start of the outbreak, our partner DDI Japan  limited and DCアジア株式会社had given us a lot of supports and always keeps the company’s sense of mission and responsibility in mind, and actively carries out the "anti-epidemic and product promotion" two-line battle to meet customer and market needs, and work together with employees and Jinjian Biology to work together and overcome the difficulties and make a contribution within our capacity to achieve economic and social development goals and tasks.

After the test of the epidemic, the exchanges between the two sides will be more active, exchanges and cooperation will be further strengthened, and friendly feelings will be further deepened. We look forward to continuing consultation and cooperation and going on the journey together. Finally, the Chinese believe that “Brothers and sisters of the same breath hope for spring together.” Jinjian Biology would like to look out for each other with you in the fight against COVID-19 to get through the difficulties as soon as possible. We look forward to further cooperation with our partner for a shared promising future once the epidemic is over. We sincerely wish all employees of overseas partners and their families safe and healthy. 

Our partner website: https://rapid-test.jp/products/covit19-test-3/

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